Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Club vs. Church IV - Moisture in One Eye

Okay, I give up. The South Holston Ruritan is a writer's gift that keeps on giving. If you are saying, yes, but we love and follow God, we are better than the club, your case gains momentum. If that is what we offer, then starting with me, we need to start loving and following Him into some deeper waters for 2008. Start by reading The Divine Mentor by Cordeiro.

Wait, the club does let a new church use their facilities. Some kids had been messing up the floor with healies. Refusing to let people use their community center, if they will not love their floors like Jesus does, was not a consideration. Neither did club members express concern that the new church could be taking the loyalties and energies of club members (or potential members). I don't think the boys from South Holston were smart enough to figure things out like we Southern Baptists have.

Club members did celebrate God's healing of their new president's daughter of serious illness. The club did pray and offer prayer requests. They brought fruit to the poor and widows and reported the progress of the sick. A quick vote decided they would give a financial donation to a group of doctors who gives free medical care to the poor. Barna might say (Revolution) that the South Holston Ruritan is church for a lot of the club members. Maybe not.

Happy 2008! I saw the new year in with my eyes shut. No, I was not terrified, only sleeping in front of ESPN. Poor Clemson Tigers. They let another one get away. Go Wisconsin Badgers! Yvette, Anna, Abby, and I celebrated New Year's Eve by making our own pizza, making our own Sundae, and watching The Christmas Blessing on DVD. Not a bad family movie for a tear jerking, chick flick. I think I felt slight moisture in one eye. What a girlie man!

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