Monday, January 14, 2008

Sir Edward Hillary, Pass Me a Diet Pepsi

I talked about deconstuctionists last week. I confessed to the world that deconstruction was my strength. As a kid, I was much better at breaking vs. fixing. My issues go way back. Kind of a systemic deconstructionist.

Seems that has struck a nerve of reality with some of you. My words my have looked like a subtle swipe to some people at the workplace. You are probably right. But no false humility here, I would consider myself either the cheif of deconstructionists, or a deconstructionist in recovery.

Deconstructionists seldom accomplish many things. Borrowing from a famous quote, a deconstructionist sees the way things are and says here's why. He sees the way things ought to be and says here is why things will never be that way, now, I am going home to drink a diet Pepsi.

Sir Edward Hillary, became the first person to ever climb to the peak of Mount Everest. He died last week at 88 years old. A friend said of Sir Ed: We all have dreams - - but Ed has dreams, then he's got incredible drive, and goes ahead and does it. More tomorrow.

Ronny Byrd, Palmetto Shores Church and Kevin Childs, The Rock, yesterday. Great passion, great vision. Saw my first regular season NBA game, live, Saturday night with the world's greatest s-i-l, David Mikusek. Charlotte Bobcats vs. Detroit Pistons was much better being there than T.V.

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