Tuesday, January 8, 2008

So Who is Better? Club vs. Church VII

Final words. Here is what was impressive about the South Holston Ruritan:

1. Focus - they were about the community.
2. Humility - egos were left at the door.
3. Simplicity - meetings were short, decisions were quick.
4. Accountability - The meeting began with roll call.
5. Resourcefulness - Who can help us? A healthy question, btw.
6. Unity - everybody knew why they were there.
7. Teamwork - everyone had a job and a willing spirit.

Did I just give you an outline for Acts 2? Maybe not. But for now, I will leave the South Holston Ruritan once and for all. A family obligation turned into an unforgettable experience for me. Keep your eyes open today. God is all around you, looking to mentor you into deeper waters.

Great day yesterday with Kermit (not easy being green) Morris and movement makers in the upstate. LSU proved SEC dominance for the second year in a row last night. What a year!

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Cliff Marshall said...

One day I hope to be able to focus on one thing long enough to have a blog topic that has seven (or VII) parts. My ADD barely allows me to write one post without using bullet points. Keep up the good writing!