Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Exposed! My Motivation in Saturday's Vote

My daughter (Krista) and I had a great conversation Saturday. We normally do. We have a lot of the same interests. I told her I voted was voting for Mike Huckabee in the South Carolina Republican Primary. She asked, What is his position on the war in Iraq?

She was not challenging me. She was asking an honest question. Her husband, David, is in the Air Force reserves. My answer was consistent with my demographic (education, income), according to Mark Penn, in his book, Microtrends. I don't know, was my answer.

When I thought about the implications of not knowing his position, I scared myself. Which came first in American politics? Voters who vote for personalities, or personalities sound biting and interneting for votes?

I don't think I am changing sides here, although it is looking less like a Huckabee ticket every day. I did begin the process of learning Huckabee's positions on Iraq. I have perfectly good reasons to vote for Mike Huckabee, so this is not necessarily a worldwide confession. However, I do not have an excuse for not knowing more about, at least, his stated positions on issues that could directly affect my son-in-law's life, and my daughter's . . . and grandson's.

World Headquarters yesterday. Meeting with people and passion. Who helps the leaders? When a leader hurts, where does he/she go? Big news yesterday . . . Tom Brady (Super Bowl QB) was spotted in New York wearing a walking cast. The whole world stopped. Tom Brady is important to the team. You will be around a bunch of Tom Brady's today who are limping. Be sure to stop and care for a few minutes.


Craig said...

Great blog, hopefully we can all learn from your experience. Craig Adams

Dino said...

Thanks Craig. Maybe to serve as a warning is my higher purpose :) -- look forward to lunch soon.