Thursday, January 17, 2008

Get Out of The Shower and Do Something - Persistence IV

Talk about your movement makers. I had dinner last night with Bob Logan. If you don't know who Bob Logan is let me introduce him. He is the Bill Gates of church planting. If you met Bob, or saw him at a meeting, you would see a normal guy. No single person has influenced church planting in America more, over the last 100 years, than Bob Logan.

Bob introduced systems and processes that create environments for movements. If you are planting, he has influenced what your doing, even if this is the first time you have seen his name.

I was amazed that Bob would not use the old, overused formula of the not persistent. Bob, why don't you just keep doing what you are doing? You have found the sweet spot. Coast a bit and enjoy what God has done through you. Bob spoke of his new vision to multiply leaders with incredible passion. At 53, he spoke with more excitement than most 20 somethings.

This is a repeat quote, but one of my favorites, and in case you missed it . . . Everybody gets a great idea in the shower. Few people get out, dry off, gets dressed, and does something about it.

Jay Hardwick and Joe Belcher are digging away in Columbia and Sumter respectively. Church planters are nuts. I am glad these guys have dried off, got dressed, and followed through with what God had told them. Two days of CoachNet training beginning today in Columbia. This ought not be so fun.


jay hardwick said...


great to hang out yesterday...i'm sharper because of it. thanks for your willingness to push and pull at ideas of what God is doing in columbia. and, thanks for keeping the BIG story front and center!

south carolina is better because of you!

Dino said...

Thank you Jay. Those are nice words to try and live up to. I enjoy being around people like you. Keep chasing after the new thing God is doing. His greatest days are ahead.