Monday, December 31, 2007

Club vs. Church III - Back in S.C. via Ocala

I was squirming my way through a Jerry Springer-type church business meeting in 2000. A Cincinnati church was fed up with getting along so they decided to slug it out, in public. I was relegated to sitting silently to witness the massacre. My request to speak was met with a firm no thank you, we don't need anybody to help us screw this thing up, we are doing that on our own.

A humble, thirty-something man came to the mic for his 60 seconds in the midst of flying hymn books and offering plates (embellishment mine). He said to the effect, I work for a corporation in downtown Cincinnati. They would never let things happen this way at our office. Sometimes the church gets accused of running itself like a secular organization. For our church, if we ran things like a secular organization, it would be an upgrade. We do not run our church like a secular organization, we are sub-secular.

Not sure if sub-secular is a word. The statement was the most powerful I have ever heard in a church business meeting gone bad (I have obviously seen a few). So, maybe we can learn church from the South Holston Ruritan Club (see 12/21, 22). More tomorrow.

West Columbia. All is good. Normally the Christmas break is a bit slower. My world tour included Tennessee, South Carolina, and Florida. Movies: Hairspray, Mr. Bean's Holiday, Alvin and The Chipmunks, and High School Musical II. Nothing of note. Books in process of note: Divine Mentor (Cordeiro): Microtrends (Penn) - you will hear more about both. Carl Martin slammed a tape measure, bases-clearing, walk-off, grand slam at WRC yesterday morning: Xtreme Living from Joshua 5. Glad to be back.

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