Monday, December 17, 2007

Give it Up For Cujo - Roger vs. Barry II

To tell Cujo, one of our family dogs, good-bye was tougher than I thought. He went to a great home (not heaven cause I am not sure . . . anyways, it was a great older couple). He was one of those pets that was ALWAYS in trouble. I guess hating on Cujo had been one of my favorite past times. I also guess I didn't hate him as much as I thought.

I remember one of those family moments. You know the kind I am talking about. Sometimes God uses your kids to punch you right in the heart. We were talking about Martin Luther King, and I was being all that, explaining to Ann and Ab about our attitudes and how we ought not feel superior to other people. Then, Ab, asked, What about the way you treat Cujo? Shut up kid, you are missing the point. Or did she? From that day on, I really did try harder, not to hate on Cujo.

For me, and some of you spiritual guys may help me here . . . I don't know if it is because I am too flawed to be a prophet . . . or too insecure . . . or self-aware. Maybe one day I will get to the place where I can be more self-righteous. Now don't let me sin again. I am self-righteous and one of my strengths is false humility. However, when its just God and me, He always manages to remind me about my journey. He reminds me that I have such a long way to go. He reminds me that my righteousness or self-righteousness is relative to my own definition of right. That definition can be self-promoting and self-serving. More tomorrow.

Great Weekend. Riverbanks Zoo, Christmas Party w/Elders at Bill and Jennifer's, Preached at Willow (Skipping Christmas), and . . . the most incredible concert in years, Newsong, Matthew West, Todd Agnew and others at Northside. Newsong continues to morph and stay focused at the same time. First time I heard Newsong was in the mid '80s in Lousisana. They never disappoint.

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Quinn Hooks said...

We had a dog named Pete that did the same thing to me! ;)