Tuesday, December 4, 2007

From Nashville - Over Promises, Over Promises

Four hours, forty-seven minutes to be exact. From Betsy (Elizabethton) to Nashville, Tennessee today. Went fast, with the exceptions of a few necessary stops. Commercials on Sirius reminded me of what men like.

You can lose weight in your sleep.

5000.00 a month part-time from your home.

Two fast acting pills under your tongue.

We still fall for over promises. You know, if it is too good to be true . . . Don't over promise this Christmas. Keep it simple. Here are five things you just can't do:

1. Go everywhere.
2. See every friend and family member.
3. Accept every invite.
4. Purchase, make, or bake something for everybody.
5. Go to every special church activity (opps, that slipped).

We had a great family discussion last week over dinner. I read my own blog, followed the advice, and let them help me keep Christ the focus. Great ideas. Decisions were made and owned on the spot. We decided on a concert, another couple of family projects, and what our Christmas night would look like. I think those conversations will continue.

In Nashville for the North American Mission Board and Lifeway partnership meeting. Had lunch with Stetzer today. Planters in process at River Springs in Columbia, under the leadership of our real rock star, Neal (Go Dawgs) McGlohon. Good stuff. Movement makers all around.

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