Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Open Doors, Open Windows

You can cut your risk of break-ins at your home by thirty percent! That is no over promise. Lock you doors, lock your windows. A recent study revealed that 30% of all home burglaries come by invitation, through unlocked doors and windows.

My down fall as a leader may be what you will never see. Could it be moral? Yep. Sure as we sit here by our computers, mine could be moral. Jesus and I, have been tempted in ALL points, just like you. Difference is Jesus has a better track record than me. Still an embarrassing thought, isn't it?

Even a greater threat to my work in the vineyards is underachieving. You may never see that. I may underachieve because of the parts of my life that I leave wide open. My greatest personal threat is to not try very hard, and not know it.

Often the evaluation of our own efforts is based on what people say. Other times we evaluate our efforts based on how tired we feel when we are down to our boxer briefs at night. Who was it that said, An unexamined life is not worth living? I don't remember. The 30 day rule is if we can find out who did, feel free to quote me.

Let's see, the point, er . . . uh, check your doors and windows. Have a neighbor check them, too. You can really be passionate about not being burglarized. But if you don't check your windows and doors, often, you are not trying very hard. Get it?

Senesi gets five year pen! At world headquarters yesterday, I along with many of my friends were recognized before the board for SCBC tenure. Mine was five years. Five years and three months to be exact. Talked about your upsets -- there was a greater chance for Appy State to beat Michigan in Ann Arbor than for me to stay here for 5.3 years. For the first six months, I didn't think I would be back the following Monday. But, we have talked about that, haven't we? Thought God was calling me here to work through me. He showed me, soon upon my arrival, He called me here to work in me. Kind of like a dentist visit that needed to happen. Ouch! I am better now. Thanks God for 5.3!


Quinn Hooks said...

"An unexamined life is not worth living." -- Socrates :)

Dino said...

What Quinn? Did you say Socrates or Senesi? Those would be easy to confuse :)

Quinn Hooks said...

:) Aw, Dino! LOL