Thursday, December 13, 2007

This Just In - First Christmas was Not Perfect

All so warm and fuzzy . . . no dysfunction,no anxiety. A fairy tale. The first Christmas. Silent Night, Holy Night. O Little Town of Bethlehem. The First Noel.

USA Today recently featured an article, May Your Holiday Be Perfect, But Not Too Perfect. Craig Wilson, among other ideas, told of a new camera that doesn't snap the picture until everybody is smiling!

Terror, disappointment, selfishness, and the always present, messed up travel plans are a few obvious imperfections on or around the first Christmas. From smelly stables to a man named Zacharias, who lost his voice, the Christmas story was no perfect fairy tale.

Some people live their lives looking for the perfect party. They think it is out there somewhere (the party), they were just not invited, yet. Jesus entered space and time in an imperfect world, for imperfect people, who have imperfect Christmases. Kinda like you and me.

What high expectations are making life miserable for you today? What disappointments do you refuse to release? Where are you fixated? What are you manipulating? Let's make this, let it go, Thursday. You are missing some good things by trying to create a perfect world, with perfect, people who make perfect pictures.

Columbia yesterday. Coaching. Meetings. Office Party. Dexter Mitchell, Ronny Cox, Jessica Sullivan and more movement makers. Running after God. Spartanburg/Greenville today.

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