Friday, December 14, 2007

The Mitchell Report and Table Top Vision

Wicked hearts abound. I am the chief. I am not talking about baseball players who cheat. I am talking about the court of public opinion. Now that it is about Roger Clemons instead of the evil one (according to most) Barry Bonds, we are in a bind. Why is it harder to hate on Roger than Barry? Listen closely in the days to come. Don't give me the answer that it is just because Barry has been hostile to the media. Check out Roger and his lawyer's disposition now. How nice will they be? Multiply intense interrogation for the next three years. Will Roger be nice then? What is the difference between the two?

Systemic racism. More dangerous, more subtle, then what went on in American back in the day. People who are racist and don't know it. God humbled me in Cincy. I would have never said that was me. Then came the Jesus Video Project in 1999 (African Americans questioned the European portrayal of Jesus). Then came the Cincy Race Riots in 2001 when Timothy Thomas, a 19 year old African American, was killed by Steven Roach an Anglo police officer. I learned how far I had to go. Some of my "real" feelings and attitudes came to the surface. Ugly.

Just that fact that I have raised the issue of Barry vs. Roger, will make this my most controversial blog ever. I would say more, but God is convicting me about me, as I write. So, maybe more will come in the days ahead. Not sure.

Yesterday in the Upstate. Jim Goodroe, Kermit (not easy being green) Morris, Art Fulks, Jonathan Everett, Ryan Bishop, Mike Morris, Tommy Vandiver, James Porter, Jimmy Duncan, Alex Sands, D.J Horton. Vision is best cast and caught in groups of 2's and 3's during informal conversations according to Hybels. What a great day of being with some of God's best. These leaders have put it all on the line. The next Purpose Driven Church book will not likely come out of this group. But for those of you far from God, there are some guys who love you, who are leaving it all on the field for you, along with their wives, and others around them. What makes them that way? Why bother? Why care? They are only playing a game . . . called Follow the Leader . . . their leader . . . Jesus (Luke 15).

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Chris Reeder said...

You gotta start putting links in your blog posts. If any of those guys have blogs, I would like to know about and read them.

In blogger, there is a link near the top that allows you to add links.

Hope all is well in the Capital City! Have a Merry Christmas!

Chris Reeder