Monday, December 3, 2007

From Tennessee - Dino Can't Jump

The warm fuzzy lasted for only a nanosecond. My close friend, Joe Sorah, told me I was the subject of East Tennessee sports talk radio a few weeks ago. I played college baseball at Milligan College in East Tennessee ('77-'81). I was a letterman for four years, got a few hits, but was by no means the star of my team.

I could only imagine what part of my game they were bragging about. Was it my rocket arm? I was actually a Designated Hitter. Was it my long home runs? I had seven of those in four years, but who's counting? I tied a record held by many, six runs in one game.

Dino Allen was truly a star basketball player in the late '80s. He is a member of the Milligan College Sports Hall of Fame. He was All-American in 1990. When someone heard the local talk show bragging about his apparent incredible jumping ability the confusion was over which Milligan, Dino, "star" athlete. My friend, Larry from Betsy, called in laughing, to set the record straight. I know Dino Senesi. You have to be talking about another Dino, because the one I know can't jump.

Some of us become famous for what we can do. Others of us (me) are more famous for what we can't do. Our stories will inspire people for different reasons. Maybe part of my story will serve as a warning to others.

Hey, talking about your stories. How about the Big Story? God's Story. I sung about it yesterday. I heard it talked about yesterday, from my friend, Joe Sorah. Enjoy the Big Story this Christmas. Remember when your little story become a part of God's Big Story? No matter the purpose of your life, that is what really matters.

East Tennessee this weekend. Nashville tomorrow. Planters are being trained in Columbia. My heart is there. Movement makers. Little Stories on a collision course with the Big Story. I will keep you posted.

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