Friday, December 21, 2007

From Tennessee - The Club Faces Challenges

Last night my family and I went to the South Holston Ruritan Club's annual Christmas potluck and monthly meeting. Fascinating! I will talk more about it. The 50 year-old-club has been actively involved in community affairs in the Bristol, Tenn. region. My father-in-law, Charles Owens, has been involved for years.

My mind was operating on overdrive as I watched members and their families roll through the door. This is not an expose' btw. I was impressed by many things. Clarity of purpose, focus, resourcefulness, unity and structure were just a few of the positives.

The challenge they face is the age of club members. At 48 years old, I was with the youngest group represented. How can the club be passed on to the next generation? Does the next generation even care if the club exists? How would the club have to change to get younger? How can the club enjoy another 50 years of community involvement? More coming on the future of the club.

On the road yesterday, of course. Still had a chance to talk to movement makers, Neal McGlohon, Steve Scudder, Michael Green, and exchanged voice mails with Carl Martin. Merry Christmas! I am not mad at the Happy Holidays crowd, but that felt good!

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Quinn Hooks said...

These are the issues may clubs are facing today. I went a luncheon at a local club and had the same experience of being the youngest person there at 44!