Friday, December 7, 2007

Shoe Swapping - Nashville Final

Somehow it was connected to a Holy Ground illustration. I didn't get it. Way too deep for me. Our leader Tuesday morning in Nashville ask us to take off our shoes. Nobody did because we did not think he was serious. When he told us to trade a shoe with the person sitting beside us we figured he wasn't joking.

My shoes were newer than Ken's. I got them at a Hilton Head outlet (Rockports) this summer. Not only did Ken's shoe not match mine, but I did not particularly care for his style (probably neither he, mine). I hoped the swap would not be a permanent swap. Ken's foot was bigger than mine. I am so glad there was no hole in my sock. I didn't check Ken's sock, too personal, too uncomfortable. I did shower that morning.

I am going to stop saying, If I were King for a Day. I used to say it all the time. We were not designed to take over another person's job and life for a day. If I wore either of Ken's shoes he would regret it. I would mess things up for Ken. Then, I could go back to being me and mess up my own stuff.

Accept your shoes today. Don't know what that means to you. Don't trade. You were only designed to wear your own. God may give you another pair, but until then, yours is probably more complicated than you can handle alone. Ken and I traded back. I am so glad. He is too, no doubt.

Nashville is finished. Better than I expected. Stetzer was in Lexington yesterday doing his Comeback Churches gig. Awesome. Preaching at Willow this weekend. Hanging out with the fam. Hopefully, we will see Alvin and the Chipmunks. I owe you info on Bee Movie.


Steve said...

Any ladies there to have to swap shoes with??? Interesting.

Anonymous said...

Since you seen to be with Stelzer some and He with you. May be you can blog about his blogs. I try to read them some, but most of the time I have no idea what his point is. I know it is really good and I am feeling left out. I have a pretty good handle on yours. May be you can get his down a level for people like me. :)

Dino said...

My focus is different than Ed's. He is also speaking to a much broader audience. I have not checked it lately. I will catch up soon. Thanks for reading.

Steve, you raised a question than made me even more uncomfortable. Glad I was not sitting by a girl. They did not ask us to wear the shoe, just hold them.