Thursday, September 27, 2007

Pig Pile!!!

I played the game many times, as a child, teenager, and adult. In all three phases the game looks a little different. You've played something like it. Some unsuspecting person comes in the room, and someone shouts, PIG PILE! The victim is tackled, and every able body in the room jumps on top of the pile, hard. Fun, lots of fun, and laughs . . . at the victim's expense. The only bad thing about Pig Pile was if you were on the bottom.

Do I sound like a bleeding heart today? So be it. Twenty-five years ago I sat in a prayer meeting in New Orleans with a small group of people. A lady was asking us to pray because someone had stolen her truck. What? Are you kidding me? Some idiot stole your truck! Poor thing. Let's get our pitch forks and torches out and find the scoundrel. She prayed a prayer, with sincere passion, I will never forget. Lord, please help the person that stole my truck. I know you love them. May they find the Bible I had, read it, and find you. Not exactly a scream of Pig Pile!

Pharisees love the game. I have heard it since yesterday, on ESPN radio, concerning Michael Vick. There is a feeling of superiority among participants. The real victims of Pig Pile are those who jump on. Why? You can fill in that blank. But remember, around the corner, maybe at work, maybe in church, maybe in your own home, there is a group of people waiting. There may be legitimate reason to believe you will be on the bottom of the pile soon. I have been there. It is very hard to breathe and it hurts places you did not know you had.

Great day yesterday. More of a numbers game. Hundreds of eager students at Anderson University being challenged by Andre to be a part of changing landscapes. Then, in Rock Hill, with a group of movement maker DoM's. I love those guys. Today, potential church planters and movement makers in Columbia.

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