Tuesday, September 18, 2007

From Calgary - Crazed Fans

Funny where you can find stuff. We were on the C-Train with a bunch of crazed Saskatchewan Roughrider fans Saturday. Dressed in green, face paint, men wearing green dresses. Even in the fan category . . . a bit nuts.

I learned the rest of the story about these fans. They love being fans so much that they show up at Canadian Football League games in which their beloved Roughriders do not play. All for the love of the game and of being a fan, dressed in green. Everybody loves them.

As we sat with Canadian Movement makers Rob Blackaby, Tim Williams, and Bo Neal yesterday, I wondered. Would they try and put a positive spin on the work to impress us? Would they explain away the tough spots because Canada is a hard place to reach people for Christ? Would they feel more like we were rivals?

In spite of recent progress and incredible barriers they asked questions. They wanted more and better for God. Because the work of the Lord and the souls of people are at stake, they held their work with an open hand. I am a big fan of movement makers in Canada.

Someone needs to hear a loud cheer from you today. Could it be someone outside your daily circles? Someone from your past? Maybe even someone you don't know? Get a little crazy. Give them a yell.

Seeing more of the beauty of Canada today. Will keep you posted.

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