Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Leaders IV - Was the Sky Really Falling?

Those who have most powerfully and permanently influenced their generation have been "seers" -- people who have seen more and farther than others -- persons of faith, for faith is vision (Oswald Sanders, Spiritual Leadership).

I declared to a group of movement makers in a meeting one day, "we are underachieving!" As I heard me I thought "Am I whining? Will it cause the team to feel like they are being manipulated? Will my rants make them grow callused? Was the sky really falling?" On that day, I don't know for sure.

One thing I admire in other leaders is their lack of contentment with the way things are. Visionary by nature, they always press toward "the way things ought to be." Leaders see things most people don't.

What separates a visionary leader from a day dreamer prone to wild fantasies? Great question. Here is my shot at some answers: A God connection, friendship with other visionaries, lifelong learning, and the ability to move people . . . Pick one that needs cultivation in your life. Take action to move to a higher level. More tomorrow.

Greenville, Tryon, and Spartanburg yesterday. Larry Bateman, Chris Ruppe, Neal McGlohon, Kermit Morris, and Glen Smith were among many "seers" I was with. Today I will another day l I will be around more seers than I can name. Tough assignment, but you know, someone has . . .


Art Fulks said...

Wish I could be there with you. How was the golf course? (I was not going to ask how your game was.)

Dino Senesi said...

You mean, how did the planter fellowship go Monday afternoon? Great. I am not sure what you mean by "my game." If you mean what I think, not much but I was better at the fellowship than Chris Ruppe.
Wish you could have attended the fellowship. Hope the knee is ready for the Panthers game Sun.