Monday, September 17, 2007

From Calgary - Long vs. Short, Big vs. Small

It only makes sense (Ps 145). Anyone would agree regardless of spiritual background. No matter if you think like a business person, a doctor, a preacher, or a young mother. Invest the most in the greatest. Make long term investments. Beware of impulse, trends, and hunches.

In Calgary today I will be at the table with key Canadian movement makers, Rob Blackaby and Tim Williams. U.S. movement makers Larry Bateman (FBC Taylors) and Neal McGlohon (SCBC, Charlotte Network) will be there too. I'm thinking I'll need a yellow pad. Looking for the greatest and longest investment in God's kingdom. I will keep you "posted."

By the way, take action today. Get out your yellow pad and a pencil. Lay down the laptop. List the three major issues in your life that are slowing you down. Prayerfully choose one. Then take one action, solid, and concrete that will move you forward.

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Art Fulks said...

I really enjoy the following of your journey and the 'movement makers' you hang out with. I'm sure they, as I do, feel the same way when hanging out with you. I was reminded today that some movement makers are also found in retired Navy, coffee shop owners who treat a homeless guy to a free cup of coffee and treat a mentally challenged senior adult with incredible love and respect while serving her...especially while the other 20 people in the shop look on. Just a thought.