Friday, September 14, 2007

Personal Record Set in Calgary - My Feet are Mad at Me

No applause, please . . . our team went to roughly 6000 homes yesterday. We were on the pavement in Calgary for eight hours. We were hanging invites to Southwinds Church ( launch service on Sunday.

First door I ever knocked on was at age 9 in East Tennessee. In New Orleans I served in many roles that provided opportunities to go door to door. Yesterday was not door to door. Yesterday was door to door to door to door to door. No doubt a personal record. My feet are mad at me.

Had some great conversations. Canadians are not easy to talk to. But, just like any place on the planet (I think, I have not been every place as of today), when the conversations went places they were passionate about, a dramatic turnaround took place.

Upon advice from locals my first feeble attempt to connect was through the beautiful Canadian Rocky Mountains. Beautiful mountains, I said to the first few people. To a person they looked at me like an over zealous salesman try to close a deal. So, I kept fishing.

On this day connecting points were beautiful yard, you must work hard . . . how bout those Calgary Stampeders? . . . the Calgary Flames open Sunday in Calgary and are sold out. Canadians take great pride in their small yards. The Calgary Stampede of the Canadian Football League beat their hated rivals, the Edmonton Eskimos, twice this year. The National Hockey League is a universal passion in Canada.

The first part of the day yesterday was cold. So were the first few conversations. But as conversations moved to passions, most everybody wanted to talk. I am not expert on Canadians, although I admit, I am jazzed at trying to understand them. Living here for years would be needed. Here is the learning of the day: Everyone we meet today wants to talk about something. Discovering that something is the key to a deeper relationship. A deeper relationship will be they greatest avenue to deeper conversations . . . about deeper things, like God, Jesus, and eternal life. Patience is needed for most. Keep moving forward!

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