Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Leaders V - Find a Way or Make a Way

I am amazed at the ability of leaders to "self-coach" while others sit around and deconstruct. Leaders' minds work quickly to solutions or action plans.

The Mike Ditka head coaching era of the New Orleans Saints was short (1997-99) but interesting. I lived in New Orleans part of that time. Ditka called those years "the three worst years of his life." As a Saints fan, me too, Iron Mike. The ill-fated, often ineffective, rally t-shirt was introduced in training camp one of those years. The t-shirt read, Find a Way or Make a Way.

We waste a lot of time in supposed leadership meetings deconstructing. People don't, churches won't (be careful here with the Bride), things never. Floating obstacles are common place in the pond in which we swim. Anyone can point out obstacles (deconstructionists). Leaders find a way or make a way.

What obstacles are floating in your pond today? Ask God to help you find a way. Don't waste time trying to show how smart you are by saying, hey, look, an obstacle! Get a coach. Find people who have faced similar obstacles. Pray it through. Study great leaders. Search scripture. Make a plan. If it does not work, start the process again, and make another plan.

Yesterday was awesome at Spartanburg Community Church. Check out Glenn Smith at Calgary today. I will do my best to stay current on the blog, but I may slow down a bit.

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