Friday, August 31, 2007

Gatorade Over My Head

One of the most criticised men I have ever known was, my former pastor, Terry Fields (Liberty Heights Church, West Chester, Ohio). He told me something in the midst of a firestorm of unjust criticism. He said, "Doc, there's a grain of truth in every criticism."

My personality (Sanguine or High I) loves to be loved. You could tell me something is hanging out of my nose, save me from utter embarrassment, and hurt my feelings in the process. My dream is to have Gatorade poured over my head, everyday, when I come into work, when I leave work, when I go home, and when I leave home.

Most people who boldly announce "I don't care what anybody thinks," has two issues. First, it is not a virtue, "not to care what anybody thinks." I am around a lot of people that, not only do I care what they think, but I benefit when they tell me, even when it hurts. Second, everybody cares on some level about what people think. So there, you just told a lie to yourself and other people. The loud mouth, who claims he doesn't care is compensating for his deeped seated insecurities (take that Dr. Phil, you got nothing on me. I don't care what you think).

So learn from your critics. Ask yourself, "Is there even a grain of truth in their criticism?" Would'nt that be a great way to put it in the face of your unfair critics? Let their criticism cause you to raise your game! A Gatorade bath may come your way soon. Ah, sweet dreams!

When a person gets to spend the day in Columbia with movement makers Tim Shull, Ronny Byrd, Andre Rogers, Neal McGlohon, Chris Ruppe, John Sharp, Kermit Morris, Ron Barker, and Marshall Fagg, and call it a work day, he is blessed. Nothing gets me dreaming about new landscapes than these guys. I saw a different aspect of the heart of God who wants to transform people and their environments. Columbia today, coaching and catching up.


Eric Geiger said...

is there really a guy named kermit?

Dino Senesi said...

Yes, and be careful there south Louisiana, Kermit is from North La. and is a huge LSU fan. He is also a great new addition to our Church Multiplication Group.