Saturday, June 21, 2008

New and Improved TOL! Now Featuring Twitter

I can't believe what I just saw! You are right Dustin, who cares about the monkey I just saw running through my neighborhood. Twittering is kind of about me. But it is fun. I don't fully comprehend it all (sorry for sound like an old guy, about 3 of you out there are older than me).

Check out the right hand column of my blog. I can send real time updates of what I am seeing/experiencing through my cell. I promise no monkey on the street updates. Newsworthy updates only. So easy a caveman can do it (sorry cavemen), that was a self-reference.

I beat some of you to Twitter, but no way I would beat Hardwick and his cup of joe from Starbucks. Not in this life :)

For more info go to


Chris Reeder said...

Like the new blog look!

Feel free to follow me on twitter also!

There is a great video explaining twitter here

Now we have to get Dustin Willis, Bryan Plyer, Chris Ruppe, and John Sharp on twitter!

BTW: I invited Hardwick to twitter and he said he would never do it! But he finally caved!!!

John said...

One step at a time for me, oh wise one :-o

jay hardwick said... should pay reader a commission...:-)

welcome to twitterville, captain! i've got an extra sbucks cup for you...