Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Energizer Bunny is No Lone Ranger - Leadership Secrets III

He made it to the top five! Who would have thunk it (as my dad used to say)? Was it his own brilliance? Was it his giftedness? Not at all. EB could not have listened to everybody, but he did listen intently to somebody.

Could you imagine a young Energizer Bunny with a resume'? Where would he go? What was he qualified to do/be? What was he thinking? One day a pinhead from Energizer saw something in EB (before he was EB). So, should EB listen? What made this pinhead any different?

The environment of an effective leader includes people. In fact, I like to be around effective leaders because I will find around them, effective leaders, young and old. Visionaries. People, regardless of age that are passionate about learning, growing and making a difference. The ear of effective leaders belongs to somebody (usually more than one). He is very particular about who that 'somebody' is.

The leader, who is Christian has given his life away to Jesus Christ. Included in the package deal is his ear. That, is the beginning of wisdom. To whom are you listening? Is any recalibration needed?

Sad Day! IOP is history. Not dramatic. Are vacations supposed to be? That means it was a good one, right?

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