Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Nemo III - Out of Control!

I could not imagine what it must feel like to be at the bottom of a 108 (33m) pool. Or again, maybe I could . . . and you, too. The statement, made popular by many, was brokenness is the key to usability. I am not sure what usability is, but I have to believe that brokenness is the key to something.

I talked to a friend who lost a life long job without explanation yesterday. He is not my only friend who has experienced that pain. Health, failure, family issues, and much, much more, are the things that push us down into deeper waters.

I used to think (confession) I could talk my way, will my way, network my way, or pray my way from the depths of any 108 foot pool. Brokenness was learning the I could not. At that point, the Ron Dunn quote: A man will only trust God when he has to, begins to make sense. Not only does it make sense but it connects me with my only real source of life. God Himself.

Cypress today in Rock Hill. More on that soon. Hub Blankenship, Kermit Morris, Chris Ruppe, and Neal McGlohon yesterday. Not a bad tribe to hang out with. That includes you, Kermit.

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