Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Hannah 3D Reviewed - By Dad and Abigail

My special guest blogger today is my daughter, Abigail. Here is Abigail's review of Hannah Montana 3D:

It was a really good movie.

My favorite part was all the music.

My other favorite part was the dancing.

My favorite song was 'Rock Star'.

The most interesting part was the interview with Miley and her dad (Billy Ray).

The movie would have been better if they would have had more interviews.

I give it 4 funky tennis shoes (out of a possible 5 funkies). Hannah wears funky tennis shoes.

Dad, what did you think?

All of the above except for the funkies.

Tickets cost too much. That's one Nintendo DS game you missed

My favorite part was the Jonas' Brothers special appearance. It's a guy thing.

I liked the 3 D special effects (guitar picks and drum sticks). My glasses fit my big head.

Miley was obviously playing to an older and long-term audience at the end. Bugged me a little. Not Brittany but I am afraid she is starting down that road. Can't be Hannah forever.

And the tear jerking daddy/daughter song with Miley and Billy was left out.

I give it 2 1/2 Funkies out of 5.

No doubt, I will see it again.

Thanks Ab. Your world is fascinating and fun. I love going there with you.

My world today: Cola at WHQ. Meetings run until very late tonight. Meetings are what I do. Ouch! Reality check.

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