Tuesday, February 26, 2008

From Rock Hill - Translating the Message

Billy Graham began his Concert for the Next Generation years ago. His board was critical of the wild music. I attended one of those concerts in Cincy (2002). Over 60,000 young people enjoyed Kirk Franklin, Third Day, and others. Hundreds indicated a first time decision to follow Jesus.

Billy answered his critics, when I preach in France, I preach through a translator, because I do not speak French. Graham explained, these bands are my translators to the next generation.

Okay, so I am not rushing out to get my face ripped off with a new Skillet http://www.skillet.com/ CD. However, I am perfectly willing to bless Skillet's efforts to translate the Gospel in the heart language of the next generation. I am no Billy Graham, but if he can handle it, so can I.

State Evangelism Conference in Rock Hill. Fun for all. Adam Gibson knocked a home run on behalf of what God is doing at Midtown. Every speaker had good words. The tone of these meetings are changing to much more positive. For years I have heard men speak to people who were not in attendance. That was not the case this year in Rock Hill 2008.

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