Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Nemo 33 II - 108 Feet Deep

Nemo 33 http://www.nemo33.com/ opened near in Brussels, Belgium in 2004. Belgium diving expert, John Beernaerts, designed the deepest swimming pool in the world for recreation and instruction. The pool took seven years to complete.

Don't know who said this. Not Joel Osteen. Not Jesse Duplantis. Not Crefelo Dollar.

God will never use a man greatly, until He hurts him deeply.

Great truths about God are discovered when you are in over your head. During the times that your head pounds with the pressure of going into deeper water, God is swimming beside you. He gently reminds you of His love. He tells you where He wants you to swim

In 1985, our first beautiful daughter, Bethany Jo, died at 15 days old. I swam deeper water before '85. Bethany represented our first real Nemo 33 experience. Rare birth defect. Very rare. Except for the young Senesis. One out of one for us. We did not swim alone. We did learn about God and from God through the experience.

I act more like a baby when the crowd is cheering. Approval is great. I am addicted. I drift away from God when the stock market is up and the doctor is quiet. Perfect circumstances are fun. Loud music, driving fast with the top down, on the way to the beach, yada, yada, yada . . . but all that is shallow water. Nothing wrong with it, just shallow water. God's school is deeper water. Nemo 33.

Spartanburg, Greenville, Rock Hill today. Great day planned with movement makers. Cola yesterday.


Sammy Clary said...

Nice post. I agree totally with that statement. Give me a call next time you are in the Greenville area I'd love to talk church and Cincinnati.

Ray Brock said...

Hey Dino,

Thanks for this post... it really touched Melissa and I. We are trying to work it out to come down for "that" visit.

Talk to you soon,
Ray Brock