Thursday, February 21, 2008

From Dallas - Attractive People

Texas has beautiful places. I have no question about that. I have never seen any of them. No backhanded insult intended. I spend all my Texas time in the big cities. San Antonio is my favorite place in Texas. I have three great friends who live in DFW, so it is always a fun place. Lufkin and San Antonio are home for two more great friends.

As I have traveled the world, the bottom line remains, it's all about the people. Old friends, new relationships, and brief conversations on planes are things that makes travel energizing. People make places come alive. People make places beautiful.

What makes God attractive? Or not? Our world class churches? Our innovative programs? Our incredible communicators? I think you know, by now, where this is going. You fill in the blank.

Leadership Network Church Planting Community Group 3, Meeting 2, Day 2. Great conversations and stories from movement makers. I am counting it, but this does not feel like work to me. More tomorrow - Whirlyball Report.

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