Monday, February 18, 2008

The Margaret Davis Rule

I would have scoffed at this blog two years ago. I would have poked fun a Maraget Davis, too. The fact that Magaret Davis of Azusa, California has run in eight marathons in the last seven years is impressive, but not a WOW story. Particularly, when you find out that she runs about 2/3's of the time in her typical marathon. Other notable Margaret feats include climbing Mount Whitney (California) and running 11 half marathons. Don't forget a bungee jump, sky-diving, and white water rafting.

So, what is the punch line with this young woman of adventure? She is not a young woman of adventure. She has done all these things since her late 70's. Not THE later 70's, mind you. Her late 70's. Margaret is currently 85 years old. She is featured in the latest edition of Runner's World Magazine.

The Margaret Davis Rule? Try something new this week. Maybe not sky-diving or bungee jumping but . . . get out of the worn path. Stop saying, not for me. God may meet you there.

More to come on the Margaret Davis Rule. I don't know about M's spiritual journey, but I am convinced there are more implications than just that of the on earth variety.

Cola at HQ Monday and Tuesday. Dallas at Leadership Network W-F. Concert Friday night. Enjoyed the people at Eutawville again yesterday. They are special folks who have been led well. Nothing ordinary about FBC Eutawville. Hope we can say that about all of our churches one day. Midtown, Columbia? Intensity and passion. Worship and preaching. Focus. Hope we can say that about all our churches one day, too.


Anonymous said...

Great post, Dino. However, I am not going bungee jumping or skydiving this week! :) LOL How about a pickup game of basketball instead? :)

Dino said...

Thanks Sbcghostrecon,

I may make my leap this week a new Starbucks combination. I am with you.