Friday, October 12, 2007

Where Are You? Part III - Secret Places

What does it really mean to be accountable to God? How can that help me along the journey? Am I accountable to God simply because I say I am? Am I accountable to God because He is Boss of the universe . . . King, Lord, Master?? Is it impossible to be not accountable to the one who knows what time I got out of bed this morning (5:20 a.m.)? And what time I went to bed last night (10:00 p.m)?

Accountability has multiple layers. One layer is, I am accountable to God, I will answer to Him for every action, one day. Another layer is, I answer to some people in my life, no matter if they ask or care. For example, Yvette, Anna, Abby . . . what I do affects them, even though they don't yell at me and they trust me completely. That circle of influence is much wider than I would like to believe, but those closest to me are most influenced by how I behave.

The third layer, however, is the ultimate, because it influences the other two. Day to day, God is watching me. It is in my best interest and the interest of those around me, to behave in line with He thinks. This layer goes deep into my secret places. In my life, there are tightly guarded spots that I never volunteer to show. Secret places can destroy me. How can I let Jesus into those places?

Every devastating scandal, Ted Haggard, Jimmy Swaggart, Jim Baker, Michael Vick, Bill Clinton and billions more, started with a secret. An underestimated cost, moments of insanity, a memory lapse, that what I do is being watched by God and countless others. What is your secret? More Monday.

Weekends and holidays . . . football, Boo at the Zoo, Sam's Club, and one final coat of paint.Yesterday in the upstate with Neal thinking about landscaping . . . always great. Larry and Dwight couldn't make it. Bummer.

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