Friday, November 16, 2007

Too Fun - Pagan's Nightmare

Your driving down the interstate and you see one of those God signs. You know, messages direct from heaven, signed at the bottom by God:

How Does It Feel To Be The Last One?

You have entered the world of 12 cents a gallon gas prices for the redeemed, 6.66 a gallon for everyone else and McScriptures. The alleged believers have taken over in Ray Blackston's novel, A Pagan's Nightmare. The last two pagans on the planet (Larry and Ned) are chased down, shot at, and conspired against by the redeemed. Finally, they are arrested and taken to Cuba to be reformed.

I was spellbound by the last 50 pages Blackston's novel. Before you buy it, be sure you have patience and the ability to laugh at yourself. If not, you are wasting your money. The story is no where near as cynical and jaded as it seems at first glance. Sometimes I get tired of beating up on Christians who act like Christians. They have become too easy of a target to blame for lostness. Christian bumper stickers, although terribly confusing even for me at times, do not send people to hell.

Don't want to give it all away but the story behind the story is what makes PN rich. An agent named Larry, a nominal Bible Belt Christian, is considering a manuscript of a movie that is the the story told as A Pagan's Nightmare. His deeply committed wife thinks he should not even consider such a blasphemous concept. Larry sees it as a chance to make money. This part of the story seems insignificant at first, but keep your eye on it as the novel progresses (hint).

Subplots and discussion points for groups abound. I am not sure Blackston, a believer from Greenville, intended all of them. I will review more of the book next week. I have requested an interview with Blackston for the blog. I had fun reading it.

World Headquarters yesterday. Two great coaching conversations, annual performance review for me from super boss, Marshall. He has been a great friend, coach, mentor, with an occasional, well deserved kick in the dark side of me, thrown in. Off to Tennessee for 6 days. Hopefully will keep up with you from there.

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