Friday, November 23, 2007

Black Friday - What Would Jesus Buy?

You will hear a bunch about this new documentary. Rev. Billy is the leader of the movement & . The target of the film, produced by Morgan Spurlock (Super Size Me), is American consumers. We will spend at least 455 billion dollars this year between Black Friday and Christmas. The film claims 26 million people in America are addicted to shopping (I need to research this, I may be one of them).

Rev. Billy does not claim to be Christian. He is an actor with a choir. Together, they deliver an interesting backdrop for a film that intends to expose the Shopocalypse. I hope it makes it to Columbia.

No question, as you communicators plan your Christmas sermons, blogs, and inspirational moments, you will want to research these sites and be aware. Have some fun with this. Loosen up a little. Spurlock and Rev. Billy manages to take a swipe at we, the religious, as they take dead aim at we, the consumers. Sounds like tons to think about. More to come.

Back home in Columbia. Played a new birthday game with the fam last night. Anna won our first ever game of The New Yorker: Cartoon Caption Game. Hopefully, we will play more. Ate at Cracker Barrel. Shopped at Walmart and Big Lots as part of the Shopocalypse.

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