Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Thinking Outside the Litter Box

A picture of a real cat standing upright was featured in a cat litter ad. The cat seemed to really need a bathroom. Can you relate? The ad sold litter with supernatural odor killing capabilities. The caption was, It's hard to find your litter box if you can't smell it.

Will you go beyond the urgent today? How? What will stop today from being just another day to search for the nearest litter box? Here are some things to look for besides the most obvious:

1) A deeper conversation (instead of How you doing? . . . try, What are you thinking, reading, watching, learning, dreaming?) People have fascinating stories. Everybody has something they want to talk about, even the quiet ones. Usually their stories are the best.

2) A different kind of book or experience. I think I am losing it. I made myself listen to classical music on Sirius yesterday. At first, I was uncomfortable. Then, I started liking it. Then, I got really scared and went back to ESPN. I am still proud. For a moment in time I saw beyond the litter box.

3) A conversation with a coach. I am sorry. I am obsessing. A real coach, however, will help you think outside the litter box. He/she will encourage action, movement, progress, and page turning.

4) A God connection. Dare I say? What connects me with God today may be different than what connects you? We have spiritual warm spots. Some are can't misses. Beyond the obvious, scripture and prayer there are other warm spots. For me it is conversations with particular people. Another way is listening to certain songs. Also, reading few pages of certain devotional authors like Blackaby can be a warm spot.

Great visit to Aiken, yesterday. BTW, the two worst, I got really lost, experiences happened in Aiken. I admit, with sweaty palms, I drove back to confront my fears. All went well!

I am impressed with the courage of God's people. Hung out with my pastor, Bill Howard for a few minutes yesterday morning. He gave me the gift of listening. He gives that to me often. Had time to hang out at world headquarters, too. Today, landscaping, and catch up in Columbia. Hope to see beyond the litter box. I will let you know.

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Steve Miller said...

Met Bill the other week. Loved the coaching stuff.--Steve