Thursday, November 15, 2007

Defining Moments III - Pink Post-Its

Twenty-five years ago, I heard the late Ron Dunn, make a simple but unforgettable statement: A man will only trust God when he has to.

Jesus predicted a spiritual train wreck for Peter. His prediction was correct. Jesus loved Peter through the wreck. Brokenness followed. Pain. Embarrassment. Peter grew deeper.

Failure. Inability to control outcomes. Disappointment. Predictions that blow up in our faces. We find God at that place. God defines us. We define God.

I will never forget the experience on that cold day in Ohio (Defining Moments I). We put every notable event in our lives on individual, yellow, Post-It notes. We put them in chronological order. Every event that represented pain, we transferred to pink Post-Its. I was amazed at the number of pinks. I was even more amazed at how God defined me through those pain experiences. I understood His desires for me more clearly. My passions made sense. I also learned I only trusted God when I had to. Another pink Post-It.

Newsong said it better in their song, Defining Moment. Singers get to the point faster than preachers:

When you believe He's all you need
that will be your defining moment
as you live your life walking in His light
trusting Him completely that will be,
that will be, your defining moment

Uneventful last day in Florence. If I mentioned all the movement makers I have been with the past few days you would get bored. World headquarters has trucked our operation back to Columbia. Enjoyed a stop at my new favorite place (besides Red Robin) in Camden, Carolina Cafe. Roger was a great waiter. He loves the Gamecocks. He is giddy about the upcoming basketball season. Bryan Plyler and Robbie Shivar met me there. Great conversation about being good neighbors and making friends. I need to work on both.

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