Friday, March 7, 2008

Blind Spots II - Catcher vs. Pitcher

I don't know if Bob Logan was telling me the last 5%. I gave him permission to speak into my life. He took me up on the proposal. He said something to the effect that I was in too much trouble with people. He suggested I stop walking into the room throwing fast balls. Steve Covey would say it this way, Seek first to understand, then be understood. Be a catcher, not a pitcher were Bob Logan's words.

The words stung a bit, however, I got it. I needed it. He pointed out something I was missing in the rear view mirror. The blind spot was dangerous to others. I was putting myself in danger, too. Have I mastered these situations yet? Not at all. But my world changed as I applied the words. I need more people in my life like Bob. I will tell you about another one tomorrow.

Busy days but all good. Yesterday was Rock Hill and Greenville County. Fresh wind. Changing landscapes. Signed up for the Resurrection 5K on Easter weekend. The jog continues. Wonder if you know who will show? Bet he is scared. He knows he can't beat me three times in a row.

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