Monday, May 12, 2008

Recap - The Journey Continues

I learned the definition of a trail run this weekend. I admit I had a blogger's moment about one mile in on the Earth Fair 8K Trail Run. The terrain constantly changed. From ditches to streams, hot open fields to shaded pathways, there was little boredom on the five mile course.

What I noticed even more was the variety of people on the journey. The winner (not sure his time) was just practicing for the big 50K in Columbia next week. David, my son-in-law who came in second in his age category said he did not see the winner for very long. David ran the 8K in 35 minutes. Some people took more than an hour to finish.

My time was around 47.21. I was satisfied. I did not stop or injure myself. I probably finished in the middle of the pack. I had a little fuel at the end for a kick. For the spectators it may have not looked like a kick, but it felt like one.

The crowd of witnesses at the finish line was important to me. My family tried to make it but could not get there in time. The cheers made me run harder. I enjoy being cheered for, even if they are cheering because of my effort, not necessarily for my accomplishment. Cheer somebody on today. It means more to us then we will ever admit.

In Greenville today. Cheering people on. Columbia tomorrow. This past weekend was a gift to me in so many ways. I will tell you why as the week goes on.

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Jennifer said...

You're really got to check out the 3 day walk. I know walking is totally different than running, but the cheering stations are awesome. I think you'd love it. It's a once in a lifetime experience (unless you do it more than once :).