Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Brush Off Your Bottom II

Let's review our options:

1) Quit
2) Look in the Mirror
3) Brush off our bottoms and go another round

Why are things so difficult? Why do I keep losing? All three options are legit, at times. Number two should continually happen if you are healthy. Some gaze way too long and too often, but a quick glance is always appropriate.

Heroes always pick number three. Heroes are often wrong. Wimps always pick number one. Lather, rinse, repeat . . . there is no simple formula for picking the right answer.

Now, what is God saying? If you are not sure, how can you find out? What is your next step? What (or whom) has robbed you of hope? How will you address this?

Great day yesterday at Myrtle Beach with movement makers. Did not set foot in one outlet . . . Not even for my government mandated 20 minute break in the morning or the afternoon. Impressive, huh? My first 8K is coming Saturday. David and I are pumped!

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