Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Is Funner A Word? Random Thoughts on Fun

I read the following statement in Fast Company several years ago: If you are not having fun, you are probably not doing a good job.

Steve Jobs created a stir recently by describing the new iPod Touch as the funnest iPod ever. Apple has sold 160 million iPods since 2001. Now that is what I call fun.

Is funnest a word? Steve Jobs has made it one. According to Grammar Girl, fun can be used as an adjective, so for you grammar Pharisees, funnest is okay. It may not sound okay, but it is okay, so you ain't got no argument.

What is fun for you? When is the last time you had some? Now, don't break any rules. That is college stuff. That backfires. Have a giggle today on me. Give me one too, I could use it. Look for laughter. Enjoy a belly laugh. Come on. It's okay. Really Really.

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