Friday, September 12, 2008

Be Careful Today

I am not sure why something seemingly so trite and clithe' made an impression on me in 2004. No story behind the story is coming. Maybe it was because my heart was so broken at the time over certain events happening in my life.

My oldest living daughter, Krista, was a student at Grace Christian School. Her principal told a couple of kids, as they left the school, Be Careful. He looked at me and explained that he never tells young people good bye without including a reminder to Be Careful. He explained, You never know what might happen to them when they leave. You want to know you did your best to warn them.

So many places you could go with this. Anything from the power of informal conversations to the importance of paying close attention to your life and relationships. I do know that as Yvette, Anna, and Abby got in the car today, the last thing I told them was, Be Careful. You, too.

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Sid said...

Wished I would have read this before the 15 mile Trail race !
"Busted It" !!
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