Saturday, June 13, 2009

Weekend Blogitorial - Free Speech, David Letterman, Sarah Palin

I am a huge fan of television comedy. Since 1980, before David Letterman was cool, my sister, Debbie, and I have been Letterman groupies. I seldom watch Letterman now due to a different routine. I do keep up with an occasional Top 10 list and see him periodically. He made me laugh. Letterman, for me, was always good for a giggle while surfing.

Sometimes my bar should be higher on these guys. In the past I have conceded (maybe rationalized) the majority of "Letterman" types do not remotely value the things I do. I have never used that as a criteria to enjoy their entertainment.

David Letterman crossed my line recently. Not because I am out to defend Sarah Palin or her politics. Not because I believe Letterman should be censored. Sarah Palin's politics are much like mine, but I am not playing the liberal vs. conservative media slant. Maybe another day . . . but there is nothing new under the sun about that tired old rant. BTW, take a look at the comments on the National Organization for Women's Hall of Shame blog if you think conservatives are the only people who have noticed Letterman.

Letterman's blatant disrespect for Todd and Sarah Palin's children (June 8,9) gives me a window into his soul. I am not surprised or necessarily outraged by his comment about Sarah Palin's "slutty flight attendant look." That is, at least not for Sarah Palin. I have wondered how flight attendants might feel, however.

Bottom line for me - I am done with Letterman. He crossed a line when he made a sexual joke about a Yankee baseball player and Palin's under aged daughter. Yes, it was pointed at her older daughter, Bristol, but even then, not funny. Bad judgment. Deeply flawed thinking. Disregard for women, rape, children, healthy sexuality, and much more. Not funny.

I am sad, but sad mostly for Letterman. To add to the outrage was his arrogant attempt at a non-apology on June 10th. Here you see the "heart" behind all this. Essentially, he blamed the need for the non-apology on the Palin families' reaction to his humor. He made himself up as the victim in all this.

How does all this fit on the big picture? I will not write CBS or Letterman. I will not rant to people (with the exception of this blog). I will simply exercise my freedom and make a choice. He is free to say what he wants. I am free to be critical of his judgment and stop watching him. Simply put, if Letterman can make a choice, I can make a choice. So, I am. And you know what else? You and Letterman, are free to criticize my choice inspired by his choice. What a country!


Sid said...

No doubt !! I used to tape Dave & watch all episodes on Sat. AM....stick a fork in me too..I'm done !

Dino said...

Sad day for we life long Letterman fans. I thought of you. I figured you would feel the same way. I would have probably given him a pass if he would have come back with more sincere of an apology. The ugly to me came out in the apology.

Anonymous said...

I totally share your response;I miss Johnny Carson.

Craig V Adams