Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Marley and Me - Level 10 Girl Movie

Notice I resisted the temptation to say, "Chick Flick." Although never knowing anything in my adult life but Girls 'r Us in my home, I don't think that gives me permission to politically insensitive. Can we agree on girl movie? Girl movies appeal to our feminine sides if we are boys. We all have one, right?. Of course, for the girls, those movies are just another feel good, sinus draining, tear inspiring movie.

Marley and Me seemed to do well at the box office. But when you watch a big yellow lab from birth to death of old age you know you are at level 10. I don't think there was a man part it it, except for the chaos and destruction caused by Marley (the dog named after Bob Marley).

"Journey" is what is in right now. I talk about the journey when I speak, coach, and write. New churches called "The Journey" are common place. I walked away from the DVD version of Marley and Me thinking instead of Marley being a part of the journey, that we were a part of Marley's journey.

As we watched Marley get put to sleep by the vet at the end, as the tears and mucus flowed freely, we all made certain discoveries. Marley meant no harm . . . in all the chaos and destruction he caused from birth. Marley was a good dog with bad habits. Even though he was declared by his owner, as the "world's worse dog," he was the hero of the story. Just another day in the life of Girls 'R Us . . . and the scene of just another . . . Level 10 Girl Movie.

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Charles Creech said...

Dude, I like what you write. Really!